About SIRC

The Social Issues Research Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation founded to conduct research on social and lifestyle issues, monitor and assess global sociocultural trends and provide new insights on human behaviour and social relations.

SIRC aims to provide a balanced, calm and thoughtful perspective on social issues, promoting open and rational debates based on evidence rather than ideology.

In pursuit of this balanced perspective, SIRC conducts research on positive aspects of social behaviour as well as the more problematic aspects that are the focus of most social-science research.

SIRC operates a permanent ‘social intelligence’ unit, engaged in continuous monitoring and assessment of significant social, cultural and ideological trends. For research on specific issues, SIRC maintains its own team of experienced field researchers.

The work of SIRC is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of eminent scientists and consultants in a variety of disciplines. SIRC also provides a channel of communication for a wider forum of scientists engaged in research in related areas.

SIRC welcomes all enquiries, exchanges of ideas and contributions from individuals or organisations with an interest in social issues.

Details of SIRC's sources of income can be obtained by clicking here.