SIRC Media Watch Archive
Comment and Opinion – August 2003

Dadaist lunacy or the future of protest?An introduction to the world of flash-mobbing. Flash-mobbing's timely arrival in Britain has made it the toast of journalism's 'silly season', providing as it does the perfect 'and finally …' material to counterbalance the gloom of world political coverage and seasonal climatic scaremongering. The first British flash-mob took place last Thursday August 7th, amid newspaper speculation that this bizarre, seemingly meaningless activity is the summer's new craze. The roots of flash mobbing can be traced back to New York earlier this year, with numerous follow-ups having appeared around the globe since then. Although key figures in flash-mobbing emphasise the deliberately apolitical nature of the trend, some commentators see in flash mobbing a potential new form of political or even anti-authoritarian statement. Others dismiss the whole thing as a barmy, although admittedly amusing, load of cobblers. Full story.