SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – November 2003

Children warned about the dangers of sledging. A report by a team of doctors has warned that sledging should be considered too dangerous for children unless they are supervised by an adult…They advise that children should wear gloves and protective headgear and sledge on slopes free of trees, posts or bollards. Ananova

Why mobile phones may hurt backs. People who chat on their mobile phone while walking could be hurting their back, according to a study. Scientists at Australia's University of Queensland say it's all down to the way we breathe. BBC.

Red alert for redheads! Ginger-haired people could face extinction within 100 years as the world's races mingle because of migration, say scientists. Blondes are also likely to be consigned to the genetic dustbin of history but at a slower rate, because there are more of them. Mail [link no longer available].

Brain benefits of 'a quick pint'. Middle-aged men now have a good excuse to go to the pub with their mates – it is good for their brains. BBC.