SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – January 2004

German unveils anti-ageing beer. It must be every drinker's dream and it has now become a reality, at least if you believe the manufacturer. The new beer is said to strengthen the immune system. Keep young and beautiful by drinking beer – that is what Bavarian entrepreneur Helmut Fricher is promising. BBC.

Mother was wrong, you can eat too much liver. Government food safety advisers may soon loosen liver's already diminishing hold on the family menu. Despite the food's unpopularity, experts say as many as one in 10 adults could be endangering their health by eating too much. Guardian.

Children of three risk obesity by taking too little exercise. Children as young as three are leading a couch-potato lifestyle that is putting their future health at risk. The widespread belief that young children are spontaneously active is dismissed by a study showing they lead overwhelmingly sedentary lives which threaten an obesity epidemic. Independent.

Sunbathing may reduce risk of MS, says study. The dangers of exposure to the sun may have to be reassessed after a study by a former government chief medical officer published today suggests that sunshine protects against multiple sclerosis, the degenerative disease that affects 85,000 people in Britain. Independent.

Hard water 'stops heart attacks'. Drinking hard water may protect against heart disease, researchers have claimed. BBC.

Herbal remedies 'threaten plants'. The growing demand for herbal remedies is threatening to wipe out 10,000 of the world's 50,000 medicinal plant species, conservation group WWF says. In Europe alone, more than 1,300 medicinal plants are used commercially, and about 90% are taken from the wild. BBC.