SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – September 2004

A life of being bossed about can lead to adult diabetes . Life is much more stressful at the bottom than the top, according to a long-running study. Men who spend their working lives being told what to do by others are almost three times as likely to develop diabetes as are their bosses. Times

Obese more likely to die in accidents. Obese people who are the victims of a car crash or other accidents are significantly more likely to die of their injuries than other patients, research claimed today. A US study focused on almost 250 patients who were admitted to intensive care after a blunt trauma incident, dividing them into obese and non-obese groups. Daily Mail.

Living on your own could be the key to avoiding obesity. Researchers may have discovered the key to avoiding obesity – live on your own. An American study found that women living in households with four or more people were significantly more likely to be obese than those who lived by themselves. Scotsman.

Sun-starved Britons face increased risk of cancer. Pale-faced Britons who do not get enough sun during the winter months are left with insufficient levels of vitamin D, increasing their risk of cancer, diabetes and bone diseases, experts said yesterday. Grey skies and short days from October to March mean 60 per cent of the population are deficient in the vitamin by the end of the winter, a government survey has shown. Independent