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Panics and Scares – July 2005

The binge at bedtime. A binge before bedtime could be the key to losing weight, research suggests. Although most doctors advise never skipping breakfast and eating regular meals, the study indicates one large feast late in the day may be better. As well as weight loss, advantages of the ‘blowout’ diet include lower blood pressure and protection against heart disease and strokes. Degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may also be combated.Daily Mail

Having a shower ‘can cause brain damage’. Taking a shower could give you brain damage, new research suggests. Studies on rats suggested a ten minute shower every day could cause brain and spinal cord damage. After ten years, children would be exposed to manganese levels three times higher than the doses needed to damage the rodents’ brains. Dr John Spangler, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, North Carolina, said: "If confirmed, our results could have profound implications for the world." Daily Mail