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Panics and Scares – October 2005

‘Putting clock back encourages child obesity’. Putting the clocks back this weekend encourages ‘couch kids’ and childhood obesity, according to new research. The onslaught of the cold British winter leaves almost half of British parents concerned their children will not be getting enough exercise at home during the winter months. Statistics state children burn around 50 per cent fewer calories in the winter months, according to the report by children’s lifestyle company Worlds Apart. Life Style Extra

! Health experts agree - emails are fattening. Doctors have hit on a cunning plan to transform fatties into slimline wonders: stop sending emails. Health experts believe millions of hours of vital exercise are being lost every week thanks to the explosion in electronic messaging. Once we walked to a colleague’s desk to pass on a filthy joke or reveal what the boss and his secretary were doing in the photocopier room for three hours during the office Christmas party. Now it is easier to tap a short note on the computer, hit the send button and the world knows in seconds what has happened. It’s great for gossip: bad for the figure. Observer