SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – April 2000

Study says higher beer taxes reduce sexually tansmitted disease. Cheap beer is a leading contributor to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, according to a government report that says raising the tax on a six-pack by 20 cents could reduce gonorrhea by up to 9 percent. CNN. But – Beer may be better for heart than red wine. Scotsman.

High pollen count 'is heart killer'. Days with a high pollen count may increase deaths for heart and lung diseases by as much as 5% to 10%, as well as spell misery for hay fever sufferers. Guardian.

Parents fear for children's diet. Nearly half of parents in Britain do not think their children eat a healthy diet, according to research. BBC.

Hidden health risks' of space travel. Experiments on monkeys suggest that the health hazards facing astronauts may be greater than previously thought. BBC.

Too many Scots ignore warnings on skin cancer. One in four Scots believes the risk of skin cancer is exaggerated and more than 40 per cent say it is important to return from holiday with a suntan, according to a survey. Scotsman.

High iron 'a stroke risk'. People who have high levels of iron in their blood may be more likely to suffer strokes, researchers have found. BBC.

More bad news for people who take dietary supplements. Nutrients called flavonoids may occasionally trigger a deadly form of infant leukaemia which starts before birth, a new report suggests. New Scientist.

Health risks warning over vitamin pills. Millions of Britons taking high doses of vitamins to ward off illnesses from colds to cancer are wasting their time and may risk serious illness, according to new research. Express.

Unseen perils are lurking in your home. The inside of your house is ten times more likely to be polluted than your front garden, with gas cookers and heaters, cigarettes and vapours from paints all generating high levels of dangerous pollutants. Times.

Health food can shrink brains of the middle-aged, says study. A new study suggests that the soya bean product with the consistency of warm rubber may not be so healthy after all. Independent.

Disease fear over pets with passports. British dogs and their owners travelling in Europe could be at risk from deadly disease, it was claimed yesterday.Express.

Cooking link to cancer. Cooking meat at high temperatures could double your risk of developing breast cancer, according to new research. Express.

Tofu linked to mental decline in the elderly. Tofu, the soy product long touted as a health food, may be linked to increased risk of mental decline in older adults, according to an editorial by researchers at Harvard and Columbia Universities. Reuters Health

Bodybuilding supplement linked to painful erection. In at least one case, an athlete who took androstenedione, an over-the-counter supplement found in nutrition stores, ended up with an unwanted side effect -- priapism, a painful, persistent erection not related to sexual stimulation or desire. Reuters.