SIRC Media Watch Archive
Scares and Miracles – August 2001

Ageing bachelors given health warning. Middle aged men were given an official public warning yesterday – remaining unmarried and living alone is hazardous to health and increases the risk of premature death. Guardian.

Shopping is bad for men, claims study. This may sound like a tired, politically incorrect joke, but shopping really is bad for a man's health, a study by psychologists tests has concluded. Independent.

Bank holidays can damage our health. People planning a relaxing August Bank Holiday at home could be lucky to make it safely through the weekend, according to research published today. The strains of DIY, sport and shopping help to make Saturdays and Sundays the riskiest days of the week for fatal heart attacks in young and middle-aged men. Telegraph.

Pet hamsters, mice pose birth defect risk. Experts are warning pregnant women to stay away from pet hamsters and mice because they can harbor a virus linked to severe birth defects. Reuters.

Baldness linked to heart disease. As if life was not hard enough for men who go bald before their time, they have now been told they may well succumb to heart disease as well. New research by dermatologists has shown a clear link between men who lose their hair before the age of 30 and later problems including heart attacks and angina. Independent.

Constipation linked to Parkinson's. Men who suffer from constipation are more likely to get diagnosed with the progressive brain disease Parkinson's. BBC.

Is the white stuff the right stuff? Cow's milk is overflowing with goodness for growing calves. But research is increasingly showing that a pint a day may not be as healthy for humans as has long been assumed. Independent.

Euro can be health risk. We always knew there was something we didn’t like about the euro. Now it appears German doctors have come up with an explanation of why so many people are reluctant to accept the new super-currency. They have warned that millions of people could develop allergic reactions from the coins – with young women or people who have to handle the money regularly like shop assistants and bank clerks particularly at risk. Scotsman.

Public toilets irk many. According to the Quilted Northern "Bathroom Confidential" Survey, nearly 30 percent of Americans steer clear of public restrooms for fear of germs and who knows what else. Of the brave souls who do make a pit stop, more than 40 percent of them flush with their feet, while 20 percent grab a towel for protection. And 60 percent teeter-totter without sitting down, for fear of touching something bad. San Antonio Express-News.

Incense link to cancer. Burning incense, popular in places of worship and in people's homes, could be a cancer risk. Researchers in Taiwan found that the smoke produced by burning incense is laden with cancer-causing chemicals. BBC.

Fears 'keep children indoors'. Children are not playing outside because of the fear of being bullied or knocked over by a car and by parents' concerns about strangers, charities warn. BBC.