SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – February 2001

Sleep and snoring can cause stroke. American researchers from the University of Buffalo, New York, have found that sleeping more than eight hours a night, snoring or being drowsy during the day can damage your health. BBC.

Teen Love Hurts. The most famous youthful romance in the English-speaking world, that star-crossed love of Romeo and Juliet, was a tragedy. Now researchers have published a huge study of real-life adolescents in love. The results suggest that on balance, falling in love makes adolescents more depressed, and more prone to delinquency and alcohol abuse than they would have been if they’d avoided romance. ABC News.

Valentine's day warning: Kissing spreads cavities. Star-crossed lovers may have to settle for holding hands this year. Kissing can spread the bacteria that cause cavities, according to a California dentist. Reuters.

Kissing is dangerous. Reasons to be glad you're not in a relationship. By not kissing that special someone, you're also not exposing yourself to the 500 or so bacteria in your partner's mouth, and you're not letting viruses in either. ABC News.

School Buses Pose Cancer Risk. Diesel-powered school buses may be exposing children to cancer-causing fumes, according to a new study released Monday. Channel 2000.

Home is where the chemical nasties are. A new report in Health Which? suggests that exposure to toxic chemicals from everyday items including domestic appliances, furniture, food packaging, cosmetics and children's toys, may be causing a series of diseases and medical problems such as asthma, cancer and even genital malformations. Independent.

U.S. soldiers ran risk of mad cow disease. Millions of U.S. military personnel and their families stationed in Europe before 1996 may have eaten British beef on base during the height of the mad cow epidemic. USA Today.