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Panics and Scares – October 1999

Mad Deer Disease: Can Venison Kill You? A fatal brain disease – Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)- is spreading in deer and elk…"because of Mad Cow Disease, CWD is hitting the hunting world like a horror movie monster, lurking unseen in the shadows." Outdoor Life

Eco-label used wrongly. Copper is prohibited in the commercial cultivation of organic apples in Denmark unlike in other European countries, such as Germany and Italy, where the element is allowed to be used as a fungicide. Copenhagen Post

Your Bra can now kill you. Metal wires in the brassieres of two Thai friends who were struck by a massive bolt of lightening while taking shelter beneath a tree may have acted to conduct the charge to their hearts. The Times

Is Halloween about to be banned in the United States? As October 31st approaches, the panic announcements are more frightening than any ghoulish garb. The Central Texas Poison Center are warning of potential poisoning from trick-or-treat gifts. Texas Poison Center. The warning is endorsed by the National Safe Kids Campaign who ask parents to check all gifts. They also quote a study by The Federal Department of Health and Human Services which claims that children are four times more likely to be fatally injured by a car on Halloween night. Safe Kids Campaign

A study carried out by the Danish governments’ Occupational Health and Safety Institute (OCHSI) determined that recyclable wine bottles contain a mould fungus which may cause respiratory problems for workers in recycling factories. Copenhagen Post

Warning: affluence may be bad for your health! Researchers from the Silent Spring Institute have suggested that environmental factors, including professional lawn and dry-cleaning services may account for the high rate of breast cancer among wealthy women in the Boston suburb of Newton. However, Dr Nancy Maxwell, the studies leader, admitted that there is no definitive evidence that chemicals or pesticides cause cancer.
USA Today

Making hay while the sunshines? A report, published in the British Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine, suggests that, in some circumstances, vegetables may not be so good for you. BBC

As European consumers balk at food made from genetically modified crops, industry analysts say livestock feed may be the next flash point in the debate over whether such products are safe for the environment and human consumption. Reuters

Beleagured Japanese men are donning metal underwear  they believe will protect them from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Telegraph

Would you eat dog or cat food?  Would you feed a 'pet chew' to your dog and then greedily lick the residue off your fingers? No? Then perhaps the latest FDA warning does not apply to you… Health Answers